Shed excess weight, improve skin elasticity, define your abs, increase collagen productions, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring and cellulite, reduce pain and more with cryotherapy at Siren Yakima.

What is cyrotherapy?

Cryotherapy refers to a whole host of different forms of treatment, but notable use of cold temperatures is the unique and essential healing component of all of these therapeutic processes. Ancient Egyptians used cold to treat inflammation, and in the 19th century doctors began using it to treat skin conditions. The treatment that is growing in popularity amongst celebrities is actually known as cryotherapy, and it requires a bit more in the way of technology than they had access to in 2500 BC Cairo. 

Cryotherapy, put simply, is the process of exposing the whole body to subzero temperatures in order to elicit a natural anti-inflammatory response, release endorphins, and reduce bodily pain. Originally developed by a Japanese rheumatologist to treat osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, it was soon discovered to have a great many other curative benefits and potential applications. 

Is Cryotherapy Backed By Science?

If you’re wondering whether there is any scientific value to cryotherapy, the answer is: yes!  One German study found that cryotherapy offered temporary relief from the pain associated with both rheumatoid arthritis and strenuous exercise, a 2018 study showed that the body burns up fat and calories in the hours post cryotherapy session, and a different different 2018 study showed that cryotherapy reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes tighter, younger-looking skin. What’s more, a 2019 study showed that cryotherapy helps the body relax and consequently improves sleep, a Polish study found that cryotherapy was effective in short-term treatment for both anxiety and depression, and a 2013 study found localized cryotherapy to help alleviate migraine headaches in chronic sufferers. Sounds pretty good, right? 

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy targets a specific area of the body with freezing nitrogen. While cryotherapy can refer to treatments as simple as administering frozen peas to a sore back, the therapeutic technique typically refers to the use of a hose to concentrate liquid nitrogen into a pressurized beam of vapor. This causes blood vessels to constrict and the stimulation of collagen production (the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues), both of which provide immediate relief from pain and inflammation. The treatment is finished once an infrared thermometer detects the desired skin-surface temperature, usually around five to ten minutes.

It targets select discomforts and, similarly to a massage, alleviates kinks in a particular area. This is achieved by increasing microcirculation, promoting collagen growth, and boosting endorphins, adrenaline, and norepinephrine production. Endorphins activate the body’s opiate receptors, which help to relieve pain, improve sleep, and boost mood. Norepinephrine acts as a mild sedative, helping the body to relax and sleep more restfully. 

It is no wonder, then, that cryotherapy is gaining rapid popularity. Though it is not recommended for pregnant women and those with high blood pressure or heart conditions, the non-invasive alternative to traditional medicine is designed for those seeking improved athletic recovery time, decreased joint pain and inflammation, increased metabolism, healthier skin, deeper sleep, and better moods. Though research is still forthcoming as to just how effective it is as a treatment, cryotherapy has already shown itself to be a great option for those looking for faster recovery times or a non-medical addition to a healthy lifestyle. 


Non Surgical Fat Reduction works by freezing adipose tissue to the point of cell death. This works as these cells denature at a higher temperature than the skin and surrounding tissue. By use of varying controlled pressure, CO2 is sprayed at the target area to deliver desired results. Cryosculpting is not a weight loss alternative. Healthy diet and exercise in combination with cryo for best results.

Please be certain to be well hydrated at the time of your appointment as well as several days after, as it assists the lymphatic system in disposing the created waist from your body. Lymphatic massage, saunas, and more exercise than normal, as well as use a vibration plate is available at your gym or on site at Siren’s and add fiber to your diet. The purpose is to get you the best results by quickly flushing the waste through your system. While you may see some instantaneous results, it takes 6-8 weeks for full results from each session. 

1 Session/3 Sessions

cryo Aesthetics

This same concept of post Cryo oxygen flush is what makes Frotox, Hair Regrowth, and spinal treatments effective.

Pain Management

In the case of pain management and injury, Cryo is used to rapidly reduce blood flow to the targeted area while also reducing inflammation. As the area warms, a flush of oxygen helps in the repair, reducing healing and downtime from most soft tissue injuries. 

1 Session/3 Sessions

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