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Slimming Parties


Earn FREE cyrosculpting and other great deals when you host a Slimming Party! You and up to 6 friends can shed excess weight, improve skin elasticity, define abs, increase collagen productions, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring and cellulite, reduce pain and more at special party prices.

We are conveniently located in Glenwood Square that hosts 3 of Yakima’s Best restaurants as well as cute niche shopping. The host can choose to have the party at their location or ours!

Hosting Perks!

Host Receives 1 FREE Cryosculp area for every 2 paying attendees up to 6 participants

Host Receives 50% off any future Cryo bookings at the event for themselves when they bring 2 or more paying participants

Host Receives 30% off any future Cryo bookings for 72 hours after the event for themselves when they bring 2 or more paying participants

Participant Perks!

Participants Receive 30% off per area up to 2 areas at the Slimming Party

Participants Receive 30% off any future bookings including packages at the time of the Slimming Party

Participants Receive 20% off any future bookings or packages up to 72 hour after the Slimming Party

Siren’s Slimming parties are for adults only. It is the host’s responsibility to provide food and refreshments. 

Slimming parties must be booked no sooner than 2 weeks in advance of the chosen date. Slimming parties are limited to 6 participants and 1 host. The Slimming Party will typically last 2 hours. Days and times for the Siren’s Slimming Parties are limited to

Wednesday 3-5pm or 6-8pm
Friday 5-7pm or 7-9pm
Alternating Saturdays 1-3pm

Future bookings with party savings rates must be pre-paid during the stated timeframe. Cancellations will be refunded at 70%.

All discounted Slimming Party purchases will be honored for up to 1 year. Please plan accordingly.

All availabilities are found through the ‘Book Now’

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